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April 21, 2014

Nutcracker Casting 2012
Idaho Regional Ballet
Nutcracker tickets go on sale Oct. 15th at This site will be up by Oct. 1st.

Please note: all casting is subject to change. 
Please read through the casting as some dancers may have more than one role.


Scene 1 Party Scene:
Clara – Amanda Horiuchi  understudy: Heidi von Ungern-Sternberg
Fritz – Sophia Kraft
Herr Drosselmeyer – Adam Watkins
Dr. and Mrs. Stahlbaum - Stephen Edwards and Eliza Finch
Clara’s Friends – Aurora Gault and Sydney Bantrup  understudy: Sophie Estep
Hans - Megan Holsinger
Party Girls – Nela Cobell, Avery Christensen, Elyse Cluff, Emily Henderson, Isabella Jensen, Natalie Johnson
Party Boys – Emelia Beffa, Sydney Johnson, Kyla Johnston, Kaisa Peterson, 
Kendall Stuart, Hollie Thrall
Party Parents – Marsha and Ray Beffa, Terri and Doug Estep, Cindy Harris and Michael Profic, Kathy Pennisi and Stephen Dick
Grandmother – Margaret Stigers
Maids – Bobbie Miller and Stacie Miller
Ballerina Doll – Emily O’Morrow  understudy: Madeleine Kim
Soldier Doll – Rees Launer  understudy: Kate Abbott

Scene 2 Battle Scene:
Rat King – Julie Profic   understudy: Kristin Cherny

Nutcracker – Sam Brown understudy: Kate Abbott

Baby Mice – Lillian Fossey, Cecilia Garner, Grace Granger, Ella Landsberg, Ava Lehosit, Hannah Lormore, Margaret Merchant, Eliza Morris, Nina Nenov, Shannon O’Flaherty, Reagan Smith, Autumn Roush, Abbey Takeuchi, Julie Webster

Big Rats – Danielle Casos, Alexandra Covington, Claire Deckers, Sophie Estep, Audrey Hatfield, Jenny Lundberg, Hadley Pennisi, Aubrie Rosenkoetter

Toy Soldiers – Nicole Brown, Ramey Campbell, Baylee Crupper, Audrie Earle, 
Molly Haggard, Morgan McDonough, Rebecca Schenk, Ashlyn Romano

Scene 3 Snow Scene:
Snow Queen – Elizabeth Brooks  understudy: Emily O’Morrow
Snow King – Rees Launer
Snowflakes – Kate Abbott, Rachel Abbott, Kristin Cherny, Katie Dandrea, 
Katie Hampton, Hannah Jacopian, Madeleine Kim, Olivia Love, Clarissa Magdich, Ramona Maclay, Emily O’Morrow, Ashley Southern, MaryJean Throm


Sugar Plum Fairy – Rachel Foster, courtesy of Pacific Northwest Ballet Co.
Cavalier – Benjamin Griffiths, courtesy of Pacific Northwest Ballet Co.
Sleigh Attendants – Nicole Brown and Baylee Crupper
Sugar Plum Pony – Hannah Owens

Trumpeteers – Ylva Solberg Gasch and Hollie Thrall

Angels – Anna Allred, Emily Boettcher, Skye Bowman, Clara Butler, Tyla Christoffersen, Sela Estep, Stella Garner, Vivian Haile, Alayna Kirkham, Hannah Lormore, Eliza Morris, Nina Nenov, Kaitlyn Thompson, Aurora Wilde, Stacy Wright

Sugar Sylphs – Emmaline Alexander, Julie Attinger, Danielle Casos, Alex Covington, Claire Deckers, Sophie Estep, Jenny Lundberg, Catherina Magdich, Keslie Packer, Hadley Pennisi, Aubrie Rosenkoetter, Alexus Swanson, Heidi von Ungern-Sternberg

Small Clara – Natalie Johnson

Small Nutcracker – Maddie Earle

Small Rat King – Katie Ellis


Spanish – Rees Launer and Ashley Southern (understudy for A. Southern: Sam Brown)           Rachel Abbott, Olivia Love, Jessica Oedewaldt, Julie Profic (understudy: Kate Abbott)

Chinese – Kristin Cherny (understudy: Hannah Jacopian) 
Demi Soloists: Megan Holsinger and Heidi von Ungern-Sternberg
Emily Henderson, Emily Hirst, Kyla Johnston, Sophia Kraft, Calli Peck, Krista Rados

Arabian – Ramona Maclay (understudy: Madeleine Kim)
Arabian attendants: Emmaline Alexander, Julie Attinger, Catherina Magdich, Alexus Swanson

Mirlitons – Elizabeth Brooks (understudy: Kristin Cherny) Kate Abbott, Hannah Jacopian, Madeleine Kim, MaryJean Throm

Russian – Sam Brown (understudy: Rees Launer) Vivica Beall, Katie Ellis, 
Keanna Irving, Madeleine Love, Hannah Owens, Natalie Pennisi, Brynne Rutledge, Lauren Sieckert, Valerie Wright

Mother Ginger – Adam Watkins and Emilia Beffa, Avery Christensen, Nela Cobell, Maddie Earle, Ylva Solberg Gasch, Natalie Johnson, Kaisa Peterson, Hollie Thrall  understudy:Sela Estep

Waltz of the Flowers 
Dewdrop – Emily O’Morrow (understudy: Julie Profic)
Roses – Kate Abbott, Rachel Abbott, Ramona Maclay, Julie Profic
Flowers – Sam Brown, Kristin Cherny, Katie Dandrea, Katie Hampton, Hannah Jacopian, Madeleine Kim, Olivia Love, Clarissa Magdich, Ashley Southern, MaryJean Throm

Coming Events
The Art Zone  The Art Zone is fortunate to host artists Eli Craven and Maria Chavez July and August.  Please join us for a reception Friday July 13th from 6-9 in celebration of their stunning installation.

The collaborative work of Eli Craven and Maria Chavez comes from the interdisciplinary overlap of architecture and the visual arts. Their work reinterprets conventional ideas with the intention of forming new meaning within the commonplace. The project Dry Spell developed through conversations on the maintenance and grooming of the residential landscape in order to control the process of natural de/re-generation. Dry Spell serves as a constructed garden cultivated to elevate and monumentalize the beauty of decay."

For more information please visit and

In addition to our regularly scheduled classes we are offering the following classes at EPAC:

Pilates Mondays and Thursdays from 9:30 to 10:30am. This is a Pilates Mat class taught by Carrie Shanafelt that is a series of exercises in the Pilates system done on a mat without equipment. For more information contact Carrie at 344.0331 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Zumba Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday from 7:30 to 8:30pm. Party yourself into shape. $40 per month or $5 per class. For more information contact Melissa Arneson at 890.4081 or visit

Diva Dance Mondays and Thursdays 9:15 to 10:15am. Dance fitness class for women - no dance experience required. $25 per month unlimited classes or $8 per class. For further information contact Kendall Nielson at 713.3448 or visit




Idaho Regional Ballet

Idaho Regional Ballet's Senior Company is preparing for their trip to Montreal to perform and take class at Regional Dance America's National Festival from April 30th to May 6th. 

On May 12th IRB will perform Lisa Moon's "Wayward Sisters" in Bozeman, MT at the Ellen Theatre in an event called Tutu Cool.

Idaho Regional Ballet's Junior Company will be performing on May 8th as part of Boise Music Week in the International Dance Night. They will be performing the Mazurka and Friends Dance from Act 1 of Copellia.



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